Unique Fabrics & Exclusive Buttons
Our most luxurious shirt fabrics come from the finest mills in the world, Grandi & Rubinelli, Thomas Mason and Canclini, all of Italy, and Alumo of Switzerland. These mills have a cultural richness of manufacturing that has given a sense of purpose and satisfaction to offer many different categories of weaves, colors and thread counts. They are the leading producers of the highest quality two-fold cotton shirt fabrics for discerning shirt makers. In our collections, you will find exceptional shirtings made from only the highest quality raw cotton in thread counts ranging in the 100’s, 120’s, 140’s, 170’s and 200’s. Fabrics with a higher thread count (140’s, 170’s and 200’s) will be priced higher as they tend to be silkier, smoother, more breathable and extremely comfortable to wear. A higher thread count is a more dense fabric and a sign of quality. Please be aware that this high density will create a beautiful shirt that may be more sheer or opaque and it will also wrinkle more easily. A fabric with a weave other than broadcloth, such as a twill, pinpoint or herringbone will wrinkle less, as will a fabric with a lower thread count. Our shirtings from Soktas in Turkey are woven using a new super premium cotton yarn from a hybrid seed grown only on their own fields. It was co-developed with the Cotton Research Institute and produces a strong, fine, silky cotton fiber to rival most of the Egyptian Giza varieties. More fabric selections from Getzner of Austria, and Albini of Italy, produce a wide array of colors, patterns and thread counts that are luxurious, stylish and tasteful. We are proud to offer our most comprehensive array of 100% cotton shirtings from some of the finest mills in the Far East. We are confident that this broad selection of fabrics, which offers a wide variety of color and patterns, will attract even the most discerning customers. We searched for the optimum quality that would still allow us to be considerate with our pricing.
Unique Fabrics & Exclusive Buttons

Bold Button Designs

One aspect of shirt design that often gets overlooked is button selection. Choosing the perfect button from our high-quality button collections – created by 2 of the world’s finest manufacturers, Italian craftsmen Linea Mitiaro and Tiger Button Co. – are sure to help your custom shirt stand out.

Whenever you design your own custom shirt with High Bar, you can choose between several different types of buttons that pair well with your fabric of choice. Here are just a few types of buttons that we offer.

  • Mother-of-Pearl buttons for Dress shirts: Pearl dress buttons: Our dress shirt buttons are crafted from genuine Australian mother-of-pearl, a material found in the shells of certain molluscs. This material boasts natural strength and a shine that is sure to draw the eye. Some buttons offer distinctive, color-enameled inlays to truly bring out your shirt’s coloring.
  • Poly-resin buttons for Casual shirts: Designed to complement your casual shirts, High Bar’s poly-resin buttons are thick, strong and stylish. These bold buttons come in a wide variety of colors to enhance your shirt’s aesthetic appeal.
dress shirt buttons

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There’s much more to our simple, customer-oriented design process than picking the perfect button. You’re also offered the opportunity to choose one of our fine European fabrics before customizing your shirt’s style and size details. Once you’ve crafted your ideal shirt, we’ll send it to you through UPS at no extra charge in 10 to 15 business days. Design your custom shirt today.

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