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Upgrade your closet with high-quality, handcrafted dress shirts and casual shirts for men of any age from High Bar Shirt Co. While our handcrafted, USA-made, custom dress shirts and casual shirts might be our primary feature, we’re proud to offer a selection of ready-to-deliver, in-stock shirts at factory-direct pricing.

Choose Your Look With In-Stock Dress Shirts and Casual Shirts

Are you in dire need of a dress shirt for a rapidly approaching event? There’s no need to worry – with High Bar Shirt Co.’s assortment of in-stock shirts, you can choose from a variety of shirts that are hand-sewn in conjunction with Gerber’s Cutting-Edge Technology in our Newark, New Jersey factory. Gerber’s Cutting-Edge Technology – High Bar Shirt Co. utilizes highly specialized digital printing software, used by a wide range of well-known fashion houses and apparel manufacturers, to make each individual shirt pattern sized to customer specifications. The pattern is then cut to precision using the GT1000 knife-cutting machine. Each piece of the shirt is then individually hand-sewn to perfection by one of our skilled craftsmen, unlike most dress shirt manufacturers. Shop Now
Sport Shirts

Picking a shirt that matches the occasion is very important, and our diverse in-stock shirt selection offers plenty of versatility. Read on to discover a few of our in-stock selections.

  • Washed Oxford signature button-downs offer a subtle look that projects class. Boasting straightforward colors that are easy on the eyes, these shirts can be worn to a variety of events.
  • Signature button-downs and sport collar shirts are an excellent choice for the customer aiming for a bolder, more attention-grabbing look. Available in a variety of fabrics featuring numerous patterns, including plaids, basket weaves, twills and more, these shirts make it easy to brighten up any wardrobe.

Final Cut Dress Shirts

Even more affordable dress shirt options are up for grabs, too. Browse our final cut button-down and sport collar shirts to see all that we have to offer. Our final cut shirts deliver the same high quality that can be expected of the rest of our products – they’re simply created from the last yards of fabric left on the bolt.

Fill Your Closet with Shirts from High Bar Shirt Co.

From our ready-to-order assortment to our create-your-own dress shirt and casual shirt options, High Bar’s selection ensures that you’ll never be without a shirt that measures up to your high standards. Feel free to stop in to our factory showroom in Newark for a professional fitting, or contact us with any special requests – we’re happy to accommodate.

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