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The vision of a viceroy, tailored for you.

Giza cotton’s legendary softness is no product of chance. Thank Mohammed Ali Pascia for that. The fertile land of the Nile delta was the perfect hatching point for his plot. Exotic Sea Island Cotton Seeds were clandestinely secured. And before his Ottman overloards realized it, Ali was producing the rich, ultra-soft cotton Europe couldn’t get enough of.

The immediate result was the clout to gain independence for Egypt. But the legacy Ali left is now yours to enjoy: Two incredibly fine Giza cotton fabric collections and the USA made-to-fit tailoring and factory direct value you’ve always loved from High Bar.

Shirts for men of vision.


Egyptian luxury – now in reach

3 for $189
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Here’s to the finer things in life

3 for $249
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To guarantee the longest fiber length, the best Giza cotton is always hand-harvested. No machine can match the practiced skill of the human touch.


USA Made

The world’s finest fabric combined with America’s most meticulous shirt tailors mean great looks and all-day comfort guaranteed.


Crisp Guaranteed

High Bar X-press wrinkle-resistant treatment resists rumpling and creasing to give you fresh, crisp looks throughout the entire workday.

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