French Cuff Dress Shirts

Make a style statement with a French cuff dress shirt from High Bar Shirt Co. Every detail of your French cuff shirt can be customized to your exact specifications, giving you the perfect look and fit while adding confidence and class to your wardrobe. French Cuff Dress Shirts, long thought to be a luxury, have become a much more versatile style tool over time. Many men pair a French cuff dress shirt with a pair of jeans, worn with or without a tie, for casual day at the office or a night out. Add your own cuff links to personalize your look with classical, cool or unique designs that showcase your personality and style.

All About The Cuffs

The presence of cufflinks in itself makes a debonair statement, so be sure to amass a varied cufflink collection that allows you to find the perfect set of links for any ensemble. For a pronounced look that exudes undeniable sophistication, consider a slim-fit High Bar French cuff shirt.

A Formal Affair

Though its application has diversified, the high-quality French cuff shirt is still a must-have when it comes to formal wear, and High Bar Shirt Co. can create a shirt that fits you flawlessly. If you’re planning on donning French cuffs at your next special occasion, make certain that your suit can accommodate the larger cuff size. A particularly slim-tailored suit may not allow the French cuff to pass through the arm opening. Then, ensure that at least ½” of each shirt cuff is showing beyond the end of the suit’s cuffs. This allows you to perfect your look by directing attention to your tastefully selected cufflinks.

Whether you are looking for a basic white French cuff dress shirt, a light floral pattern or a bold geometric print, High Bar Shirt Co. is dedicated to giving you the perfect fit. No detail is overlooked.

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